Sunday, November 28, 2010


Since i back for semester break, i oftenly get a bad dream when i sleep, there many version of dreams and many plot story i dream differently!Something that are often get a bad dream and since than, my sleep are been disturbed sleep and not getting enough sleep , Wake up early in the morning, facebooking and afraid to get a sleep agaian bcoz there are story layed behind its!
want to story but cant remembered all thing that i dreaming, an today , got other versions of story!let me story about its!!

28 nov 2010 , sunday :

In this dream i been played character as an archery , good archery in that country, [cant remmember fully] at there i meet a beautiful woman, and i had crush on her and fallin love with her! But there are many guard stand still when she came in to the store, I just look from the distance, 
Than one day, i had slip my bow from my hand hit her toe [ i think] ,she was supprised and gone mad at me with some kind of language![cant understand but in dreams anythng happens],somekind of feel that i feel toward her! Nothing that i cant decribed myself bcoz once i feel , i feel like been hitted by something fast! In that dream, i foundly found that she was an princess in that country and i was fobidden to been love with her and been sentenced death penalty and which is the princess cant let me been sentenced to death and proudly say outloud that she love me and want get same thing that happen to me, the king was spring into rage when he was heard what his daughter said to her! And somekind the princess want to me kill her instantly, than she said she will waiting at the future life! [damn cant undersntad what i been story about] and i just aim at her hand and killed her with 1 shot n she was smile at me! After that, i been taken to sentence ground that i proundly stand and getting my nitemare calmly!! 

ends of the story!
love u all!
she afraid about something!

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