Monday, April 4, 2011

Speaking test

Hahh..Today is the best day i ever had bcoz i crying like stupid bcoz of you than at morning i had class and i cant concentrate to the lecture bcoz thing about you that i got speaking test but this time i forgot about you bcoz i had a debate with my group mmbers..Its all about matter of time..

AZIM & KAMIL Thanks bcoz give me support to forgot about that stupid things..Hahha..Debating like crazy till other lecture come to the Puan A room..Think that we are really fighting..Hkahkh..Damn good...Its all the matter of good manner..Please agree with me azim bcoz u want to fight about islam that teach us to behave and make our prophet as role model but than i will disagree with you and both of you makin weird face..Hahha..sry Azim & kamil..

Kamil i love shema so much you know..Are we share same GF rite.Heheh..Sorry kamil..Kihkhi..Both of you are the best! hahah!!


  1. haha..kelakar betol..bikin lecturer suspen je..

  2. weh sejak bile templet ko jadi lawa ni? aku culik kang !!

  3. @Rozuan Ismail ini sume gara2 mereka lah! tepkse lah aku duk mngeluh sana sini! hahaha!!

  4. neon :jangan lah culik! cantik kn! sumo dok rembat kat tuto kaw lah! hahaha


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