Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deceased Blog

Salam semuanya, guys guys and another girls...Hey im here , please pay some attentions on me k..Okies dokies..For some reason , i i i i i i i i...........................after 6 minutes.. i i i i i i never had dream come true ~~

Ops oky, First of all  , I want to say Sorry to my blog bcoz i leave him without noticing him..Hohoho!!Soooo Sad..T^T

Lately, i been busying myself without any compromeee.oohh dude. Im sorry..I think my blog is dead..Bcoz no one seen he dead body.

Bloger 1:Blog have a dead body ..

Bloger 2:Yeah 4 sure, he had a body stupid?

Bloger 3:both of you stupid..How come blog have dead body?

After three of them fighting and at that time, the true Hero come pass by on three of them..

He said my name is Hiro ,I come from the future

Both of the gulping!?



Ahh..Hiro Nakamura come malaysia?

Me: hoooh? its 4 real....
Hiro:  no its a rumors.How come i can came from malaysia?

Hiro only come from the future and he leave a message!

He said :

"Hey, Blog kan ada body dia sendiri , cuba perhatikan dekat design template uh?
ada body dia kan..In addition if blogger dont post anything , the blog will be dead and the soul of deceased blog will haunting your soul,"

At this time , i feelin like want to kill Hiro Nakamura for sure, Damnit...Hahha..but still cant kill him bcoz he got super power but still stupid power to me! Kahkahkah.. 

Hey guys, sorry for my terrible english here! Hhaha! If Anwar hadi can do it , then i can to..But still level between me and anwarhadi is like the tree and grass..Heheh!

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